Please examine the Products received from us immediately you receive them. If you do not tell us of any defect or problem within 30 days of receipt of the Products, we shall assume that you have accepted them. The procedure to return the faulty Products is as follows:

  • The Products must be returned to us as soon as any defect is discovered but not later than 60 days from receipt by you.
  • Before you return the Products to us, please carefully re-read the instructions and check that you have stored the Products correctly.
  • Please follow the returns procedure provided on Our Website / which we will send to you as soon as you notify us that you wish to return them.

We will return your money subject to the following conditions:

  • We receive the Products with labels and packaging intact.
  • You comply with our returns procedure. We cannot return your money unless we know who sent them.
  • You tell us clearly what is the fault you complain of, when it first became apparent, and other information to enable us to identify or reproduce it.
  • If any defect is found, then we shall: repair or replace the Products, or refund the full cost you have paid including the cost of returning the Products.