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Microfiber Hair Turban Towel

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The BelleMax Microfiber Hair Turban Towel dries your hair delicately, so you can expect less frizz and less breakage in the long run. The perfect addition to your haircare routine.

Why else will I love the BelleMax Microfibre Hair Towel?

  • Super absorbent for reduced drying time
  • Works against frizz, breakage and split ends caused by rougher towels
  • Gentle on all hair types and textures
  • Won’t cause further breakages
  • Handmade by a fellow small business

How to use?

  1. Using both hands hold the Microfiber Hair Turban Towel with the button facing up.
  2. Tip the head and hair forwards and wrap the Microfiber Hair Turban Towel over the back of the head until the hair is completely covered.
  3. Gather the hair inside the Microfiber Hair Turban Towel and twist the front section into a coil several times.
  4. Take the twist around to the back of the neck and wrap the hoop around the button.


-Pink, Green and White

You can select the colour by writing the colour under the “Order notes” at the checkout.

1 review for Microfiber Hair Turban Towel

  1. Sarah

    My hair is noticeably less frizzy now I’m using the microfiber head wrap, thanks Monica!

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